Going East to export Best Business English

have just taken my first steps on the road to making Best Business English an international brand


Export seems a very long word for small businesses but I have just taken my first steps on the road to making Best Business English an international brand. You see, I want to train and teach business English abroad as well as teaching adults in the UK.

The first foreign fields in my mind’s eye were in faraway places such as South America, Japan and China. However, well-reasoned opinions from friends and colleagues warned that South America really is far away; and that Japan and China have the added disadvantages of totally different cultures from what I’m used.

 As a result, I’ve settled on Europe, and specifically Turkey. To start my export drive I’ve contacted UKTI (UK Trade & Investment), who have become my new best friends. I have known about UKTI since my business partner Gareth Gammon went on a trade mission to China with Lord Green a couple of years ago. He was impressed by their service and by their network of contacts.

 Then I emailed UKTI South-East, and Graham Snape, my adviser, agreed to meet me in a local coffee shop. We discussed my background, my ambitions and my target market, and he told me there was a trade mission to Turkey on the horizon. I quickly registered my name for that and also joined the UKTI’s passport to export scheme.

 Passport to Export helps companies to:


1      Get started in international trade

2      Assess and develop their capability to export

3      Save time and money in achieving international trade

4      Get help and support in selecting and visiting a market


So far so good for the purposes of advancing best business English abroad. Three out of four have been realized. The one remaining benefit item is “achieving international trade”.

 If you want to know more about my progress, follow this blog. If you can’t wait to find out,  contact me at nick@bestbusinessenglish.co.uk